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EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (1/2024)

Hello everyone,

This afternoon, we had an online meeting with a small group. Nevertheless, it was nice to see and talk to each other again. Items discussed included the new book and the congress in Rome, of course. The topic of urban waste was also discussed and might be a nice topic for a session at one of the next EAA meetings.
The next meeting is Wednesday 28 February 14.00 CET. It is always possible to give a short presentation (10-20 minutes) at these meetings about research you are working on, or a topic that interests you. This can also be something that has not yet been fully worked out and on which you would like to get feedback, for example. Just let me know and I will make sure it gets on the programme. 

EAA Meeting Rome
It is still possible to submit a proposal for the EAA urban archaeology session in Rome (session #1040). The deadline is 8 February. The topic of the session is Tracking the Urban DNA. https://eaa.klinkhamergroup.com/eaa2024/

Book Urban Habitat
There is also good news around the book Urban Landscapes. We have received the green light from both Springer and the Series Editors to proceed with the book. That means we can now really start planning. In doing so, we would like to give community members and also researchers who want to give a presentation at the meeting in Rome the chance to participate in the book. Below is the updated schedule.  

1-8-2024    Deadline first drafts; start first editorial round; writing introduction-thematic framework 
1-11-2024   Drafts back to the authors 
1-2-2025    Deadline second drafts; editorial check   
1-5-2025    Final version to peer reviewers 
1-9-2025    Papers back to authors  
1-11-2025   Manuscript to publisher  
Ideally publication would then be in the first half of 2026. 

If you are interested in contributing to the book, please let us know.

EAC in Brussels
This year, the annual EAC congress will take place in Brussels. It is still possible to register (until 6 February). Participation is free of charge. https://www.europae-archaeologiae-consilium.org/annual-meeting-2024

Workshop Prospection in urban context
An international workshop on prospection in an urban context will be held in Vienne (France) on 3 and 4 April. More information and registration via the attached link:

See you on 28 February!

All the best,

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