Urban Archaeology community
EAA community for Urban Archaeology

The Community

The aim of the EAA Community for Urban Archaeology is to provide a platform for urban archaeological heritage management. Archaeological remains within dynamic urban contexts are under pressure. The economic and time pressures of large-scale developments, combined with the high cost of preserving these remains, mean that archaeological preservation in-situ or ex-situ is often difficult. This is a pan-European problem. The goal of the community for urban archaeology is to improve the interests of urban archaeology. Therefore the community will find ways of enabling urban archaeologists from all over Europe to inspire and learn from each other how to manage the different problems and challenges urban archaeologists have to face. We will also consider how we can influence the non-archaeological community to understand the significance of urban archaeology, to keep archaeological remains in situ and even make use of these remains to improve new developments. This can be done by for example publishing best practice and by establishing regional or issue-specific working groups.


Our community is part of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA). To attend to our activities at the yearly EAA-conferences you have to be a member of the EAA. Also as an EAA member you can attend the businessmeeting of the community. For activities outside the conferences you don't need an EAA-membership. If you want to be on our mailinglist, you only have to send us a message with the contactform.