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Urban Archaeology session at the EAA Conference in Budapest (August 2020)

Also this year there will be a special session about Urban Archaeology at the EAA conference! 

Please join us and send in an abstract!

# 394 : The Urban Archaeology Community network: Urban Archaeology in 2020

After the 2017 conference in Maastricht, the Urban Archaeology community was founded. This is a platform for urban archaeologists in Europe to meet and discuss recent issues and developments in Urban Archaeology. Since then the group has met twice at EAA conferences in Barcelona and Bern,and at our own interim meeting in Rome. At the Bern meeting the group mentioned a desire to discuss recent issues at the conferences alongside other activities like interim meetings, a newsletter and our website www.urbanarchaeology.org. This session will be the main session of the Urban Archaeology Community at the Budapest conference.
In this session we would like to address the first objective: to create an overview of urban archaeology in 2020.
Next to the results of archaeological research we especially would like to focus on the praxis of doing research on Urban Archaeology. What are the challenges you meet doing this, and how did you, if you could, resolve these? How were you able to meet research objectives within the contraints of time and money? How did you involve the public and the politicians and developers? And finally – and maybe the most important question for the community as a network – how can we help each other dealing with all these issues?
The organisers invite shorter or longer contributions which may more or less formal presentations, but hope to have an open and informal atmosphere of discussion and debate.
Urban archaeology, Urban planning, Heritage management, Contract archaeology, Public archaeology, Urban regeneration

It is session #394 and you are very welcome to join us and send in your abstract! The deadline is February 13th 2020.

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