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EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (5/2024)

hello all,

this afternoon we had our monthly meeting again with a good vibrant discussion about several themes. Really inspiring!

The workshop synthesising urban Archaeology
This afternoon we talked further about our planned meeting on the Wednesday before the EAA conference in Rome. The idea is to give participants some questions or topics to think about before the workshop in preparation. For instance, how far advanced are countries with regard to synthesising research, which data are accessible and which are not, the quality of digitised data et cetera. We will complete the list at our next monthly online meeting.
We are also still actively looking for funding for a workshop on synthesising research to be held in 2025. Several options have already been received. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know.

Urban Habitat book
There was also a meeting today of the editors of the Urban Habitat volume. We are now roughly two months before the deadline for papers. It promises to be a well-filled book. Should you still want to participate, there’s just a chance. Just get in touch and we will make further arrangements.

Belgrade 2025
Finally, we already have a topic for our next Urban Archaeology session at the EAA meeting in Belgrade in 2025, namely the Urban footprint. No doubt we will discuss this further in the coming meetings.

Rome 2024
For Rome, we planned two meetings in addition to the regular urban archaeology session.
- Tuesday evening 27 August: Urban Archaeology Community dinner. Friends of the community are of course also welcome.
- Wednesday afternoon (tentative) 28 August: Urban Archaeology Community meeting on synthesising research
- Friday afternoon (tentative) 30 August: Urban Archaeology session
More information will follow, including how to register.

The next online meeting of the EAA Urban Archaeology community will take place on Tuesday 25 June at 15.00 CET. We hope to see you then!

All the best,

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