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EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (6/2024)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update before the summer.

EAA meeting in Rome
On Tuesday evening 27 August, we would like to have dinner somewhere in Rome with everyone who feels like it. It is not restricted to community members only. Friends of urban archaeology are also welcome. Time and place to be announced.

On Wednesday 28 August, probably at 2pm (local time) our community meeting will take place. The main theme will be the workshop we plan to organise on synthesising research. We are still looking into the possibility of making the meeting hybrid.

In the preliminary programme, the Urban Archaeology community session is scheduled for Friday 30 August from 11am-1pm (local time).

The book
The deadline for submitting papers is 1 August.

The next online community meeting
The July meeting will be cancelled due to the holidays. The next online meeting will take place in September. The exact time and place will follow.

It only remains for me to wish everyone a great summer and hopefully see you in Rome.

All the best,

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