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EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (5/2024)

hello all,

this afternoon we had our monthly meeting again with a good vibrant discussion about several themes. Really inspiring!

The workshop synthesising urban Archaeology
This afternoon we talked further about our planned meeting on the Wednesday before the EAA conference in Rome. [Read More…]

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EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (4/2024)

Hello all,

Today was another interim online meeting of the EAA Urban Archaeology.
There were two main subjects, namely organising a workshop on synthesising research within Urban Archaeology and the upcoming book.

Workshop urban archaeology
As you know, together we have planned to set up a synthesising research project of archaeology in European cities. [Read More…]

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EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (3/2024)

Hello all,

Hopefully everyone is doing well!
Today is shortly before Easter and of course, also now, there is still some news to report around Urban Archaeology.

Report EAC meeting
Last week, the EAC congress took place in Brussels. [Read More…]

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EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (2/2024)

Hello all,

This afternoon we already had our next monthly Urban Archaeology meeting. It is always nice and good to see and talk to each other with some regularity and think about how we can help urban archaeology move forward. In this newsletter the latest news and a short report of what was discussed this afternoon:

Urban archaeology session at the EAA
Another urban archaeology session will take place at the EAA this year. [Read More…]

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