EAA Urban Archaeology Community Newsletter (3/2024)

Hello all,

Hopefully everyone is doing well!
Today is shortly before Easter and of course, also now, there is still some news to report around Urban Archaeology.

Report EAC meeting
Last week, the EAC congress took place in Brussels. It turned out to be a very inspiring congress that very clearly highlighted the versatility of urban archaeology. Urban archaeology as the frontline of archaeological heritage management. This epilogue by Paul gives a good impression of the congress: https://heritageinnovation.org/news/f/eac-symposium-in-brussels
One of the most startling studies I heard at that congress was that of the University of York into the effect of microplastics on archaeological remains and whether, for example, that can also affect certain specialist analyses. More research is needed, at least it gives food for thought. https://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2024/research/microplastics-archaeology-remains/
A report will be made of the conference, which will eventually be published next year and available online via the website https://www.europae-archaeologiae-consilium.org/ .

Synthesising research
At the congress, we also discussed further our plans to look at synthesising research at the European level. It became clear that, in any case, the EAC will not be the right body to initiate this. We are currently thinking of organising a two-day workshop to bring together archaeologists in the field of urban archaeology and brainstorm about this. The product will then have to be a kind of agenda and roadmap.
We will investigate the possibilities of subsidising this. Especially to make it possible for people to come here. If anyone has suggestions for this, please let us know. Also if there are people who would like to help organise this.

The book Urban Habitat
Work on the Urban Habitat book is still in progress at the moment. The deadline for the first version of the papers is 1 August. Several people have still indicated that they would still like to contribute. This is still possible. Please let me know.

The EAA session
Our session at the upcoming EAA conference is going ahead! We have a number of interesting papers and it promises to be an interesting and inspiring session.
More information about the congress and the programme can be found at https://www.e-a-a.org/eaa2024

It only remains for me to wish everyone happy Easter and hopefully we will see each other in another month on Friday 26 April from 15.00 - 16.00.

All the best

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