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New and free PDF download of the Festschrift for Manfred Schneider, who was Head of Archaeology in Lübeck until 2023. 
The book contains a wealth of contributions dealing with archaeology in the Hansa region and beyond.

You can download the book by using this link: 


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Hello everyone,

Hereby a quick summer newsletter with news about the EAA Urban Community.

EAA Annual Meeting
One month from now, the EAA Annual Meeting will take place in Belfast. Of course, our community will also be present at this meeting. [Read More…]

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Hello everyone,

For too long it has been quiet around the EAA Urban Archaeology Community. At the same time, we are indeed preparing a session again at the upcoming conference in August.
We are organising a session entitled:
Urban and Underground Archaeology Exposed: 15 Years of Heritage Experience and Public Outreach [Urban Archaeology] (#406). [Read More…]

Registration for the 10th Urban Archaeology Day on 6 October is open from now on! ~/?x=entry:entry220922-214407 2022-09-22T21:44:07+00:00 2022-09-22T21:44:07+00:00

Registration for the 10th Urban Archaeology Day on 6 October is open from now on!

This 10th Urban Archaeology Day will be an international edition. The meeting is organised together with the EAA Urban Archaeology Community and the Dutch Medieval Archaeology Foundation (SMA).Most of the day is dedicated to urban archaeology within and outside the Netherlands. [Read More…]