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17 December 2020, 10.00-11.00 AM CET: The official launch of the book Managing Archaeology in Dynamic Urban Centres, edited by Paul Belford and Jeroen Bouwmeester.

The launch will be hosted by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, who provided funding for the publication. The chair of the meeting is Jos Bazelmans (Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands). [Read More…]

26 August 2020 - Virtual session Urban Archaeology ~/?x=entry:entry200825-133345 2020-08-25T13:33:45+00:00 2020-08-25T13:33:45+00:00

rome klein.jpgWithin only a couple of hours this years virtual EAA will be opened. Already tomorrow at 9.00 CET you can join our session number 394:  

The urban archaeology network: urban archaeology in 2020!

We will talk about practising urban archaeology in 2020 along the following main themes:

• challenges around preserving archaeological remains in situ;
• pressures on time, resources and funding;
• competition with many other public interests – better transport, new housing, more tourism;
• new techniques in modelling, researching and excavating urban sites;
• increasing pressure from politicians, funders – and from archaeologists themselves.

Please join our session. [Read More…]

2019 Community Meeting in Rome ~/?x=entry:entry200107-212440 2020-01-07T21:24:40+00:00 2020-01-07T21:24:40+00:00

This is a compilation of the blogs written during the Communitymeeting in Rome (March 21-24 2019)

Just sitting in the courtyard enjoying the fine weather of Rome in spring, it is a good moment of reflecting on the days ahead. Entering the ministery of antiquities you can’t escape the posters of our meeting. This afternoon will be the official kick-off. [Read More…]