2019 Community Meeting in Rome

This is a compilation of the blogs written during the Communitymeeting in Rome (March 21-24 2019)

Just sitting in the courtyard enjoying the fine weather of Rome in spring, it is a good moment of reflecting on the days ahead. Entering the ministery of antiquities you can’t escape the posters of our meeting. This afternoon will be the official kick-off. [Read More…]

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Urban Archaeology session at the EAA Conference in Budapest (August 2020)

Also this year there will be a special session about Urban Archaeology at the EAA conference! 

Please join us and send in an abstract!

# 394 : The Urban Archaeology Community network: Urban Archaeology in 2020

After the 2017 conference in Maastricht, the Urban Archaeology community was founded. This is a platform for urban archaeologists in Europe to meet and discuss recent issues and developments in Urban Archaeology. Since then the group has met twice at EAA conferences in Barcelona and Bern,and at our own interim meeting in Rome. [Read More…]

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Urban Archaeology in Bern (4-7 september 2019)

At the Barcelona meeting, the EAA Community for Urban Archaeology was officially started. It was a highly dynamic session with a highly engaged audience. The result was a flying start for the community with big plans for the future. [Read More…]

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